Take That - Progress Tour 2011

Stageco created the bespoke stage that supported That That's record-breaking UK and European Progress Tour, 27th may - 29  july, 2011. This technically ambitious production impressed the 1.75 million people fortunate to get tickets and witness the biggest selling tour in UK history. It required a custom designed and build Stageco structure to carry extensive technology, production and scenic elements that included a giant 60ft mechanical robot called Om. Initial sketches for the stage were designed october 2010 and final sign off was only given in january, which left a very short time scale to create the materials for a show of this size. While Stageco's designs barely changed, the technical production and and scenic elements continued to evolve and final information regarding weight loadings was provided with a short time scale, so Stageco created a structure with plenty of headroom in regards to its tolerances. The main stage system was framed by a giant "Big Man", who appeared to have his arms around the entire performance area. Stageco created a 28m high central tower to carry the "Big Man's" head and two side towers for his hands as well as PA and video systems. In addition to this, Stageco designed the curve of towers framing the back of the stage to carry the "Big Man's" elbows, rear video walls and a convex supporting bridge. To hold the impressive curved bridge that weighed in at 20tons, Stageco's engineers incorporated 5m long custom build headers into the stage, which along with the side towers als supported further weight from video screens, lighting, performers and water effects withing the show. With 33 live shows in 12 cities across the UK and Europe, Stageco created two stages systems for the Progress tour, each requiring 14 trucks to transport the 300 tonnes of steel.