Maanrock 2017

Launched in 1996, Maanrock grew into the largest and most visited free rock and pop festival in Flanders. Presenting a youth day (Saturday) and a family day (Sunday), the festival has historically welcomed up to as many as 120,000 visitors. While the latest edition retained a typical stage set-up for Grote Markt, the stage for Ijzerenleen sported a newer, more modern look for 2017. Starting on the previous Monday, the load-in for the Ijzerenleen stage took two days with a six-person crew. As well as building the 20m x 8m Ijzerenleen stage, Stageco constructed 10m high scaffolding walls all around and a large, 18m x 12m VIP deck with floor heights of 2.5m and 3.5m. The Tuesday and Wednesday saw a 14-strong crew for the load-in at Grote Markt. Here, the team built a 25m x 10m stage tightly around the majestic Town Hall (Stadhuis) of Mechelen, adding a completely covered 25m x 4m backstage area. The brief also included a two-storey 4m x 4m FOH platform, a pair of 6m x 4m x 6m video walls, and a 7m x 4m PRM deck. pics (c) mmMechelen Feest