Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett album release concert

When the world’s flashiest disco diva teamed up in Brussels with the laid-back master of American jazz, Stageco was there to put a roof over their heads… On the evening of the album’s release last September, Universal Music Belgium hosted a special one-off performance by Bennett and Gaga at the beautifully lit Grand Place in Brussels, as a prelude to the Fête de la Federation Wallonie – a series of concerts celebrating the French-speaking part of Belgium. Filmed with 4K cameras for worldwide broadcast, the production was assisted by Stageco who built a 16m x 9m arched stage with a transparent canopy in combination with a 14m catwalk that connected a B-stage with the main performance area. Headquartered just 30km from the Belgian capital, Stageco covered the small, 6m x 4m B-stage with a BJ-Roof and an additional transparent canopy, whilst providing decking for disabled audience members and the cranes deployed for the TV cameras. Pictures (c) EVL Productions