Dour Festival 2016

For the staging aspects, Dour Festival’s organisers work in partnership with Stageco Belgium. To deal with the requirements of two outdoor stages (the main Last Arena stage and Balzaal) and six indoor stages (Cannibal, Jupiler Dance Hall, Boombox, La Petite Maison dans la Prairie, Le Labo and the new ‘Cubanisto’), an extraordinary amount of planning is necessary each year. In addition to the stages, Stageco also constructs a number of key site structures, such as the entrance, a bridge, camping towers, watch towers and signage towers. For 2016’s edition (July 13th-17th), the Last Arena main stage was Stageco’s standard Boogdak model with an upstage extension, video portals and large front of house tower, equating to nine trailer loads of equipment. The Red Bull Elektropedia Balzaal stage had a seven trailer black steel installation comprising a huge video and lighting portal with a DJ stage, a pair of ‘video/light spiders’ and a FOH tower. A further 12 trailers of equipment were used for the indoor stages and across the site. Overall, the building time amounted to two weeks and five crane days.