Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams Tour 2016-'17

The seventh full-length tour of their incredible 20-year career, Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams Tour boasts one of the year’s most acclaimed productions and marks the third time the band has hit the road with Stageco. Designed by the celebrated Misty Buckley, the latest stadium tour sees a lavish explosion of colour accompanying the crowd-pleasing performances by the Chris Martin-fronted fivesome. This time around, Stageco is building the sub-structure for the 65m wide x 25m deep main stage, the 30m long B-stage runway and a C-stage on which the band play a short, intimate set amongst the audience at the rear of the stadium. Stageco is also responsible for the steel structures that support the central video wall and side screens, the rigging points, PA and spot towers, front of house risers and camera platforms. Although the tour began in Europe at the start of may 2016, it has had a long gestation. The first meeting about the production was in June 2015 and because the band are also involved in many creative decisions, a lot of options were left open for a significant amount of time. Consequently, some aspects of the design were still being finalised just a few weeks before the tour so it has been a long process. Obviously these kind of thing affects planning but it’s nothing that Stageco has not dealt with before and our experience and flexibility enables us to respond well under pressure.