Brussels Summer Festival 2015

Stageco Belgium made its debut at the 10-day cross-cultural Brussels Summer Festival this August, providing structures at two locations: the Paleizenplein/Place Des Palais stage (in front of the Royal Palace) and the Mont Des Arts/Kunstberg stage. Crews from Stageco’s local and international divisions worked together to install both stages. A brief to provide the largest stage possible within a 27 metre space resulted in a Boogdak being chosen for the Paleizenplein, the home of the Royal Palace, although the stage’s right shed had to be removed to enable it to fit, with additional storage area created upstage to compensate. Two delay towers, a load­ing dock and a custom-made header were also part of the job. Close to the Place de l’Alber­tine, the Mont Des Arts/Kunstberg stage was constructed from one of Stageco’s smaller stage sys­tems that has repeatedly proven to be very popular among small-scale festivals. A standard 25x10 stage, it came equipped with additional ramps, a loading dock and a front of house structure.