Bon Jovi - Because We Can World tour 2013

Having worked extensively on all of the band's outdoor events, Stageco were brought in by Bon Jovi for their 2013 'Because We Can' world tour. Inspired by a photograph of a classic 1959 Buick Electra 225, the 60m x 223m x 26m Stageco structure was central to the approach by the designers who wanted to move away from the large-scale video design used on so many current stage designs. The custom build stage incorporates the 250.000 tonnes of productions elements that create the stunning live experience that has kept Bon Jovi as one of the world's leading live artists. A 165 tonnes working platform hangs above the stage and a 8m cantilever was created to fly the PA system from on either side of the stage in orde to keep open sightlines. Five systems of this stage were needed in order to meet the tight timeschedule throughout Europe, USA and Australia.