XXL Roof

Our XXL Roof is based on the XL Tower system and was first designed and used for Madonna's MDNA 2012 Tour, which required a roofing system that was able to offer superior weight loading capabilities across wide spans. With a clearance of up to 17m and a roof capacity of 90 tonnes spread equally, 60 tonnes in the central area and 15 tonnes per PA wing, the XXL Roof can carry significant state-of-the-art moving video and LED technology whilst maintaining clear visual spans. Using our hydraulic lifting system, the XXL Roof is built from the ground up significantly improving safety and efficiency. The curvature of the XXL Roof design also features a flat roof, which minimises wind loading pressures applied to the stage through reducing its horizontal surface areas and pressurized air cushion roof panels create an angled roof for water to run off and move away from the stage.